Thursday, November 20, 2008

Autumn arrives in our backyard

Earlier this week every leaf from our neighbor's tree fell in our yard overnight. Cooper has a bit of an obsession with leaves; if there's a single leaf outside he'll find it, carry it around, and probably try to eat it. So when I saw leaves several inches high in our yard I bundled him up (don't you love the monkey hat? It was a gift from my brother Adam), grabbed the camera, & took Cooper & the dogs into the yard.
Most of the time I'm a little disappointed that photos don't really capture what's happening; you can't see the action - the way Cooper's dancing, or how his expression changes, or anything. Not the case with these pictures. They fully capture everything that was happening:

I know. You were expecting some action-packed shots with smiles, and flying leaves, & the blur of a toddler. Me too. But this was it. I set Cooper down in the yard, and he stood there. He moved a little because the sun was in his eyes, then stood. Still. No stomping on crunchy leaves, or throwing them in the air. Nothing. He did eventually pick a few leaves up & held them, but that was about it. When he finally actually moved, he went over to the deck, climbed the stairs, & stood by the door until I let him in. Oh well, we'll try again soon.


Kathleen said...

Yes, I do love the hat - so cute. Of course it came from Adam. That's a LOT of leaves.

Karen said...

....that is so funny. Why oh why won't they perform when they're supposed to!?!

Shannon said...

The same thing totally happened to us today. Jack will find a pile of leaves, normally and stomp through them. Today, my neighbor took pictures for a project of hers, and he made it his mission to avoid the leaves! Overkill?