Sunday, May 31, 2009

'Allo... any Labyrinth fans?

So I've mentioned this before, but I've become obsessed with I love participating in their craft swaps. I recently volunteered to craft for someone who did receive anything in exchange for what she sent. The swap had a dollar store theme. The rules: spend $6-$12 at the dollar store & craft stuff with it with only 25% of it being items you have in your stash of craft items (such as thread, ribbon, etc). Normally there's a month or so to craft, but since I was kind of filling in for someone I had a limited amount of time... I think I finished everything & sent it out in a week. Here's what I bought at the dollar store:

Two tote bags, a children's apron, a dishtowel, a pair of socks, a teddy bear, a wooden plaque, a diary, Sesame Street flash cards, & paints.

The person I was crafting for likes Jim Henson & the movie Labyrinth. I decided to try to create two of the characters from the movie. Here's Ludo:

And here's my Ludo, made from the teddy bear and felt.

Here's the worm (who says " 'Allo! "):

And here's my version, made from a sock, some felt, & some blue yarn:

Okay, okay, they're not perfect replicas or anything, but I thought it was pretty good from being from the dollar store.

And here's everything I sent:

The worm & Ludo, an apron, a small purse, a (horribly) handpainted sign, a hanging storage thing, & the diary decorated with Sesame Street characters.

Weekend at Grandma & Grandpa's

We enjoyed a weekend with Grandma & Grandpa last week. Cooper spent lots of time outside & loved helping Grandma garden, riding in the wagon, & riding on the scooter with Grandpa.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Not a typo - that's how Cooper says it.

No Cooper, grape juice Popsicles are not stinky.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Happy anniversary John!

We got married 8 years (yikes!) today.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Happy Memorial Day!
Thanks to all the veterans, especially my brother & all my other relatives who have served our country.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day to all the moms out there, but especially my mom & my mother-in-law.

My mom has offered to watch Cooper so I can relax today so when I'm not crying because I miss him (we're not separate much & I'm a little crazy, not to mention pregnant & hormonal), I plan to spend my mother's day: watching tv that isn't Elmo & getting to hear every line, peeing alone & with the door closed, and eating food while it's hot & I'm sitting down. Aaaahhhh...

Friday, May 8, 2009

Sick statistics

We've been a little under the weather this week. We've got: Flu, with an upper respiratory infection and asthma attack (John), strep throat and pink eye (me), and sinus infection (Cooper, who also has pink eye). Here's some numbers to catch you up on how the week has been:

Number of people in the household: 3

Number of people sick: 3

Weeks pregnant I am: 16

Number of doctor visits: 3

Number of diagnoses: 6

Number of pharmacy visits: 2

Total number of prescriptions: 6

Money spent on doctors' co-pays and prescriptions: $151.20

Amount billed to our insurance for doctors visits and prescriptions: I can't even imagine

Doses of antibiotics each day: 5

Total number of eye drops to be administered each day: 10

Hours of bedrest ordered by doctors: 24-48

Number of hours of bedrest ordered for the pregnant lady: 0

Number of work days missed: 2

Number of sick days John has left for 2009: 0

Number of sick days Sarah had for 2009: 0

Average number of hours slept each night per person: 5

Bowls of soup consumed: 5

Number of coughing fits: at least 30

Number of times Sarah completely caved on stuff Cooper wanted (cookies, watching tv all day, watching tv in the middle of the night, etc) because it was easy & she was too sick & tired to care: at least 50

Number of times Sarah pretended to not notice what Cooper was doing (standing or running on the couch, throwing food on the floor, etc) because it was easy & she was too sick & tired to care: pretty much constantly

Days of gorgeous weather completely wasted: 5

The ankle- (and face-) biters

A dog that intends to bite does not bare its teeth.
-Turkish Proverb

I learned this one the hard way. Cooper's bitten me several times, but not recently and usually just when he's teething. I think he's bitten John once or twice. He's never bitten another kid. Until last week.
We spent a few days with my parents, Dayna, Zak, & Caycee. Within hours of me & Cooper arriving, he & Caycee had a small tiff & suddenly she was screaming. I had no idea what happened until I saw her face start to turn red. Yep, he bit her on the face. What is wrong with my child? He bit several more times, & made several attempts. Time-outs didn't work at all (he laughed & played), so he got swatted on the butt a couple times. That seemed to get the message across at least. Luckily, Zak & Caycee (& Dayna) were very forgiving, although Zak & Caycee did yell, "Don't bite me!" when Cooper would chase them. I guess I can't blame them.

Coolest park ever

Caycee having fun, despite the large bite mark on her cheek.

Caycee & Zak with "babies" just like their mom & aunt

Friday, May 1, 2009

My loot from the onesie swap

On Wednesday the package of onesies & shirts my swap partner made for me arrived at my house. Unfortunately, I wasn't there because me & Cooper were spending a couple days with my parents. We got home tonight & I got to sort through my loot. I got some really great stuff! Five onesies for the baby and 3 shirts & 2 onesies for Cooper. I may have mentioned to my partner that I have a Dr. Seuss obsession...

The middle one is for the baby; the other two are Cooper sized.

It's difficult to see in the picture, but this one says "Priceless"

Made especially for Cooper's 2nd birthday.

Cooper's wearing a Dr. Seuss backpack my partner included in the package. She included lots of extra goodies: a tiny stuff animal, some bath fizzies that dye the water different colors, a framed Dr. Seuss drawing, and felt food - green eggs & ham! Oh, and an awesome placement/playmat with car fabric on one side & chalkboard material on the other!