Friday, May 8, 2009

Sick statistics

We've been a little under the weather this week. We've got: Flu, with an upper respiratory infection and asthma attack (John), strep throat and pink eye (me), and sinus infection (Cooper, who also has pink eye). Here's some numbers to catch you up on how the week has been:

Number of people in the household: 3

Number of people sick: 3

Weeks pregnant I am: 16

Number of doctor visits: 3

Number of diagnoses: 6

Number of pharmacy visits: 2

Total number of prescriptions: 6

Money spent on doctors' co-pays and prescriptions: $151.20

Amount billed to our insurance for doctors visits and prescriptions: I can't even imagine

Doses of antibiotics each day: 5

Total number of eye drops to be administered each day: 10

Hours of bedrest ordered by doctors: 24-48

Number of hours of bedrest ordered for the pregnant lady: 0

Number of work days missed: 2

Number of sick days John has left for 2009: 0

Number of sick days Sarah had for 2009: 0

Average number of hours slept each night per person: 5

Bowls of soup consumed: 5

Number of coughing fits: at least 30

Number of times Sarah completely caved on stuff Cooper wanted (cookies, watching tv all day, watching tv in the middle of the night, etc) because it was easy & she was too sick & tired to care: at least 50

Number of times Sarah pretended to not notice what Cooper was doing (standing or running on the couch, throwing food on the floor, etc) because it was easy & she was too sick & tired to care: pretty much constantly

Days of gorgeous weather completely wasted: 5

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