Friday, May 1, 2009

My loot from the onesie swap

On Wednesday the package of onesies & shirts my swap partner made for me arrived at my house. Unfortunately, I wasn't there because me & Cooper were spending a couple days with my parents. We got home tonight & I got to sort through my loot. I got some really great stuff! Five onesies for the baby and 3 shirts & 2 onesies for Cooper. I may have mentioned to my partner that I have a Dr. Seuss obsession...

The middle one is for the baby; the other two are Cooper sized.

It's difficult to see in the picture, but this one says "Priceless"

Made especially for Cooper's 2nd birthday.

Cooper's wearing a Dr. Seuss backpack my partner included in the package. She included lots of extra goodies: a tiny stuff animal, some bath fizzies that dye the water different colors, a framed Dr. Seuss drawing, and felt food - green eggs & ham! Oh, and an awesome placement/playmat with car fabric on one side & chalkboard material on the other!


Karen said... fun getting treasures in the mail!

the ben show said...

wow love the "2" shirt!