Sunday, May 31, 2009

'Allo... any Labyrinth fans?

So I've mentioned this before, but I've become obsessed with I love participating in their craft swaps. I recently volunteered to craft for someone who did receive anything in exchange for what she sent. The swap had a dollar store theme. The rules: spend $6-$12 at the dollar store & craft stuff with it with only 25% of it being items you have in your stash of craft items (such as thread, ribbon, etc). Normally there's a month or so to craft, but since I was kind of filling in for someone I had a limited amount of time... I think I finished everything & sent it out in a week. Here's what I bought at the dollar store:

Two tote bags, a children's apron, a dishtowel, a pair of socks, a teddy bear, a wooden plaque, a diary, Sesame Street flash cards, & paints.

The person I was crafting for likes Jim Henson & the movie Labyrinth. I decided to try to create two of the characters from the movie. Here's Ludo:

And here's my Ludo, made from the teddy bear and felt.

Here's the worm (who says " 'Allo! "):

And here's my version, made from a sock, some felt, & some blue yarn:

Okay, okay, they're not perfect replicas or anything, but I thought it was pretty good from being from the dollar store.

And here's everything I sent:

The worm & Ludo, an apron, a small purse, a (horribly) handpainted sign, a hanging storage thing, & the diary decorated with Sesame Street characters.


Karen said...

Good job....I like the sign.

Kathleen said...

Nice bundle of "stuff". The critters turned out pretty good and I like the sign!

thebenshow said...

I LOVE the sign! Hey, I'm going to be doing a blog post (un-protected) about your Etsy store this weekend. I hope I can steer some people your way!