Friday, February 19, 2010

Christmas crafts

I had lots & lots of crafting to do for Christmas so I had to put Cooper to work. He painted birdhouses for Grandpa & Papa, & frame mats for both Grandma's & Daddy (and we framed a picture of Dexter & Cooper of course).

I made cloth doll diapers for my friend Joslyn's daughter (so she'd stop stealing her sister's disposable diapers),

a towel wrap for my dad,

a laptop case for John's sister's laptop,

a t-shirt for Pat (our future brother-in-law), who loves his van,

and a family tree wall hanging for my mom.

And since I know you've been holding your breath to see what this was (or you've completely forgotten about it), I made a card table felt playhouse for Cooper. There's felt mail for the mailbox & the fruit, vegetables, & birds are all attached with velcro so they can be moved around. (It's a really impressive idea that I completely stole from here.)