Friday, February 19, 2010

Christmas crafts

I had lots & lots of crafting to do for Christmas so I had to put Cooper to work. He painted birdhouses for Grandpa & Papa, & frame mats for both Grandma's & Daddy (and we framed a picture of Dexter & Cooper of course).

I made cloth doll diapers for my friend Joslyn's daughter (so she'd stop stealing her sister's disposable diapers),

a towel wrap for my dad,

a laptop case for John's sister's laptop,

a t-shirt for Pat (our future brother-in-law), who loves his van,

and a family tree wall hanging for my mom.

And since I know you've been holding your breath to see what this was (or you've completely forgotten about it), I made a card table felt playhouse for Cooper. There's felt mail for the mailbox & the fruit, vegetables, & birds are all attached with velcro so they can be moved around. (It's a really impressive idea that I completely stole from here.)


Karen said...

SHUT UP!!!Where do i start!! all ur creations r amazing!!What else is amazing is that u did all this with 2 BABIES!!!!! Love the pic of Coop with his tongue sticking out...stole it for my blog;)The family tree is so cool..the diapers r adorable....but OMG!!!the tent is rockin'!The decorations on it r so stinkin' cute! (all of above said in a very loud and excited tone!!!!)Craft on, mama!

Kathleen said...

EXACTLY what Karen said!
Cooper IS so cute, concentrating so hard... I know I saw the playhouse in person but I didn't see all the sides - SO CUTE. I love handmade gifts! Those diapers are really cute.

Anonymous said...

Oh Sarah, how amazing you are! Everything is adorable. The family tree made me teary. I'm happy to see Cooper demonstrating the playhouse/tent. You may have to make leg extentions for the table because he is growing so fast. The doll diapers are wonderful and so much more colorful than the real thing. I'm sure everyone loved their gifts! How in the world did you manage with both of the children? Wonderful for both of you to have Cooper to be your assistant. Thank you for sharing your beautiful crafts and your life. Love and great admiration, Aunt Pat

Col said...

You are an amazing and talented lady. I am proud to call you my niece.

Becca said...

Sarah, I am in awe. I saw the playhouse when we were there & was going to say something, but I didn't get to see all the sides. How cute. I was so excited to have you guys close! I am so disappointed. I miss you!

kelly said...

you are so CRAFTY!