Monday, April 27, 2009

What's been keeping me busy lately...

I mentioned this before, but I signed up to participate in a crafting swap on I had to make or embellish 10 onesies or shirts for my partner & I get 10 in exchange. I've been dying to post pictures of what I've been working on, but wanted to wait until my partner got her package so it would be a surprise, just in case she was stalking my blog. She got the package I sent today so now I can reveal...

My swap partner has 2-year-old twins, a boy & a girl, & a baby girl due in July so I made 3 shirts for each of the twins & 4 onesies for the baby. I wanted to send a couple of extras too, so I made a drawstring backpack for each of the twins. For the baby, I sent a bow barrette (the only thing I didn't make), a pair of tiny leg warmers, and a completely disfigured owl stuffed toy that makes a crinkly sound.

This is all 10 of the onesies/shirts together.

These are the shirts & backpack for her daughter. The green one has a branch with leaves on the back too. The jelly one matches the peanut butter one for the boy (my partner mentioned she liked "twin" clothes), and I just love how the dandelion one came out. I was sure it was going to be a total failure!

These are the boy's shirts. He likes skulls, so I did a reverse applique on the blue shirt; it's cool because as it gets washed more the shirt material around the skull will curl a bit & make it look a little tougher & boyish.

And here's the stuff for the baby. The pink wings are on the back of the onesie; the front is plain. They were AWFUL to make & sew on the onesie & I almost gave up, but I like how it turned out.

My partner's package to me is in the mail so I should be getting it in a couple days - I can't wait! She's making stuff for Cooper & the new baby & I'll be sure to post pictures when I get it.
Oooohhh.. and now that the swap is over, I just might be offering some of these designs in my Etsy shop!


Karen said...

oh, where do I start!! Love the PB and J clever for twins.....I may have to put an order in for the twins i used to look after. Love the dandelion shirt. Love the tree branch.Love the onsie dresses...especially the one with cherries on it! For a second i thought the big pink bow was the that they r angel wings....u r a sewing rockstar! R u bringing sewing stuff on Saturday? Can't wait to see u!!!!

the ben show said...

You are so talented! That little girl's tree shirt is so adorable. I think I want to order one of the rocket ship blasting off shirts for Ben - I think he definitely needs one... can you add one to your Etsy store? Or can I order straight from you?