Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The whole fam damily

My aunt Joeanne & her new husband Darwin celebrated their marriage this weekend. It was a St. Patrick's themed reception at a beautiful Mexican restaurant. My dad's family doesn't get together nearly enough so it was really nice to see everybody.
Unfortunately, I don't have very spectacular pictures from it - I blame the horrendous martian death flu I was suffering from (okay, it's just a cold, but it's the worst one I've ever had), the open bar, and overtired toddler with a fractured ankle who won't slow down. I didn't even manage to get a picture of Joeanne & Darwin that wasn't completely out of focus. Crap.
My mom has much better pictures on her blog.

The little ones getting down

My cousin Jenny & one of her little cuties

The mother-son dance


Karen said...

.....open bar...?

Kathleen said...

I missed the kids "getting down" - that's cute. Nice picture of Joeanne & Mike. You snapped it at the one moment when they weren't being silly.

Sarah said...

Yeah, open bar. I was sick & John was... well, enjoying himself... and we were both chasing after Cooper.