Tuesday, December 8, 2009

BBD (before baby Dexter): Cooper's birthday party

Since I was due on Cooper's 2nd birthday, we scheduled his party for a week & a half before. Cooper didn't seem to mind. I must have been crazy though, because I hosted a birthday play date on Friday, then a birthday party on Saturday while 38 weeks pregnant. Not something I'd recommend if you can avoid it.

It was a Blue's Clues party, so we had the paw print cake:

... and treat bags for the kids (sewn by me) with a paw print on them (stenciled & painted by John) with lots of goodies inside, including a "handy dandy notebook" (made by my mom):

Cooper enjoyed cake,

and presents.

And continued to enjoy his presents after the party:


Karen said...

...poor, poor Cooper....he doesn't seem to have enough toys. On another note....good to see you back in blogland!

Kathleen said...

I remember his "wow"'s when opening the presents - so cute. Lotta loot. And welcome back!

Anonymous said...

What an amazing woman-on the blog. Thanks for the peek at Cooper's celebration. Nice to see some of your baby incognito right there celebrating with his big brother! Hope all has been going well. As a young mother, I always thought we had a great day if we all had something to wear, something to eat, along with love and fun. You have so been in my thoughts. Love, Aunt Pat

Col said...

You are so amazing!!