Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Random links & strong feelings

I'm thoroughly disgusted by this...
Blogher.com article: "Does Breastfeeding Cause Divorce?"
I'm just so outraged about it I don't even know what to say, so I'll let you all read it for yourselves.

and thrilled by this...
Recipe for Parisian bagels
I made these bagels today (I added dried onion flakes) & they're delicious. I tried one this afternoon & it's taking all my willpower not to go in the kitchen & eat the remaining nine.


Kathleen said...

Reading the comments was better than reading the article. Several well worded responses. The comments I was forming as I read were short, not nice, and wouldn't get my point across.
Your bagels look great! Glad they turned out.

Karen said...

The bagels look yummy...and only crazy hippy people nurse their babies ;)

Anonymous said...

Now you don't have to share when you cook bagels!

See, a silver lining,