Sunday, August 22, 2010

Can you tell his parents are lawyers?

We went to the zoo today & after hours of animal watching, eating, tram riding, & walking, we told Cooper he could ride in the stroller or walk & he chose to walk. Shortly after that, he threw a tantrum when he found out we were leaving the zoo. He calmed down & then John offered to carry him on his shoulders. As Cooper rode on John's shoulders they had this conversation:

Cooper: Dad, sorry I yelled.
John: That's okay, kiddo.
Cooper: Dad, my options were ride in the stroller or walk, right?
John: Yeah.
Cooper: My options weren't carry me or ride on your shoulders, right?
John: Right. Cooper, are you trying to say that if you had the option of riding on my shoulders we wouldn't have argued?
Cooper: Yeah.
John: Well, that's very disingenuous of you Cooper.
Cooper: Thanks!

The scary part is, by the time he's a teenager he's gonna win the arguments because I started to side with Cooper, until I remembered that the argument had been about leaving the zoo and not walking/riding/being carried. Smart kid.