Saturday, December 4, 2010

Dexter's very first modeling job

The picture finally appeared! It's scrolling across the front page at the website for Personal Creations.

What incredible natural acting ability he has! He's able to play someone of the opposite gender at only 3 months! Some actors never have that kind of skill.


Kathleen said...

Such talent!

He looks adorable.

Anonymous said...

Adorable and so versatile! Mom told me one of the children was in the Sears ad last weekend. She actually said it was Cooper and she didn't find him. That made me think it was Dexter. So who was it? And what were you doing up so late last night. Today with two active ones should be interesting. Hope to see all of you when I come in for Christmas. Just two weeks til we fly in. Love, Aunt Pat

Karen said... runs in the family ;)