Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Coolest swap..

Okay, I know I babble & post about swaps a lot. I just can't resist. And here's why! I participated in a "wist" swap. If you're unfamiliar with a wist, check this out. A wist is basically a wish list you create on the website. You can include any picture you find on the internet, even if it's not a store or item for sale. So for this swap we were supposed to check out the other person's wist & craft items they had included on there or items inspired by things they included on there. That way, you're surprised at what you're getting, but guaranteed to like it! Perfect!
Here's just some of what I got:

A sign for my perpetually-messy/noisy house

Onesies for the new baby & a shirt for Cooper

And a 2-piece painting.

Not pictured here is a robot keychain, a fabric embroidered family tree wall hanging, and matching ironing board cover & pin cushion with thread catcher.
How awesome is that?


Karen said...

....very cool and fun!...I love seeing ur swapy stuff.

Anonymous said...

It's totally awesome. I especially like the two piece picture. Hope things have quited down with
Cooper. Were his ears ok? I thought that was a right on call on Karen's part. Love, Aunt Pat

Kathleen said...

Nice stuff!

mischief said...

Thanks for the wists tip. I'll join up straight away!