Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Too little, too late

Forgive me. I've been a completely negligent blogger. I would like to promise I'll be better, but I'm now 8 months pregnant, we're trying to sell our house & move, I'm planning Cooper's 2nd birthday (which will be a very small affair considering I'm due on his birthday) & the crafts projects are piling up (not that that's a bad thing, it just keeps me busy).

Cooper & I babysat my parents' 5 dogs & cat at their house while they went to visit my brother for his family day at Army training in Minnesota. We hung out at the house a lot, but managed to get out for some ice cream & the park.

"I like it!"

Cousin Karen came to visit & we stayed for a bit after my Mom & Dad got home. We did some crafting & visited the quilt shop.

Back at home, Cooper discovered stickers.

Future blackmail picture

Me & Cooper cuddling on the couch with our "blankets"


Kathleen said...

...and we SO appreciated it.

I agree with Cooper - I like it too!

Cooper and the quilt shop in one pic - be still my heart!

Hope you didn't need that blankie to warm you up.

Karen said...

...thanks for the update! Please don't let my craft assignments stress u out...u got a lot going on these days!Its more then ok if u can't get to anything.

Sarah said...

Karen - your crafts aren't stressing me out at all. I've got some other stuff to finish up & can't wait to start working on those. It'll be fun. Crafts don't stress me out - I just wish I had more time for them! :)

Joanna said...

Thanks for visiting my blog, Sarah! Your son is too cute! I can't believe #2 is due on his birthday. That would mean fun double kid parties forever :) Best of luck wit your new baby!
- Joanna