Saturday, January 9, 2010


John's sister Anna has been dating her boyfriend Pat on & off for about 4 years. Pat's in two bands (The Wanderers and Backyard Cohort) & both had a gig at the House of Blues the day after Christmas.
Since playing the House of Blues is a really big deal I really wanted to go and it was an all-ages show so I told John that I was gonna go, baby & toddler in tow. I mean, I'm one of those cool moms that takes their kids fun places like concerts & stuff. And if the House of Blues had a problem with that then too bad! I'm a nursing mother; my baby needs to be with me to breastfeed! (You're probably saying that I could just pump & go one my own, which is true, but I HATE pumping & pretty much refuse to do it & I'm sort of notorious for being unable to be without my baby.) Anyway, I was ready to do battle with John or the House of Blues or anyone who tried to tell me I couldn't go with my kids until John pointed out that I'd probably be damaging their eardrums. He had a point. So I stayed home with the kids & John went to the show. (Probably for the best we decided that because there was a blizzard & the roads were awful that night.)
ANYWAY, what I missed that night, besides Pat's bands who I heard were awesome, was Anna getting called onstage & Pat dropping down on one knee & proposing!! Anna said yes (of course). Congratulations to Anna & Pat! :)
(P.S. Don't you love the way I managed to talk about myself for more than half of the post that's supposed to be about Anna & Pat getting engaged?? I'm horrible.)

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Anonymous said...

Thanks Sarah!!! I wish you could've been there too.. I blame Pat for not telling my immediate family what he was planning. It's all his fault. :) And it's totally fine that more than 1/2 the post was about you!