Tuesday, March 23, 2010

I drank the kool-aid

My mom hosted a "crafty weekend" for my family (well, the girls in the family) a few weeks ago & I didn't take any pictures at all, but you can see my mom's blog post, my cousin Karen's blog post, & my aunt Colleen's blog post for some pictures & details. Karen even made us some goodie bags, including "Creative Juice" (bottled water). Thanks Karen! Anyway, I think being around those quilters (my mom & Karen) got to me 'cause I'm planning to make a quilt now. I'd like to make a fun kid's quilt with lots of textures & fun fabrics. I've asked for creative quilt blocks in some of my swaps on Craftster & this is what I got:

If I ever get the time I'll be making a few of my own & I'm going to keep asking for them in swaps 'cause it's fun seeing what other people come up with.


Karen said...

very,very cool! I'd love to send u a block for this quilt.

Karen said...

...mmmmmm .....quilting kool-aid....so yummy!

Kathleen said...

These are so cute... I like the starfish's face and the loose seaweed... give that poor chick some eyes!