Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Oh Spring, I've missed you so...

Welcome back Spring! I love you & I've missed you!
We visited Lake Catherine today for their St. Patrick's Day waterfall dyeing with the "nursing moms" (the moms I met at my breastfeeding group) for the second year in a row (see last year here). Since most of us had a second child this year, we had twice as many kids with us this year. Yikes. The babies spent most of their time in strollers or being worn by their mommies, but next year they'll all be walking so look out.

Cooper "smiling" for the camera

Then Cooper, Dexter, & I had a picnic.

Dexter did this to himself. I moved it off his face & he did it again. And smiled. Weirdo.


Kathleen said...

It looks like a fun day... look at all those kids! That water is REALLY green. Very cute pics of the boys!

Becca said...

Adorable. I was so glad to have a new post to read. I'm a terrible blogger, but I am an expert blog stalker. I miss you guys. Now that it's finally getting nice again (hopefully?) we should get together. Maybe children's museum?