Tuesday, August 19, 2008

How to feed your dad...

1. Offer the food with one hand.

2. As soon as he gets close, insert several fingers from the other hand into his mouth like a fish hook. Be sure nails are very sharp (do whatever you can to prevent mom from trimming them; if she manages to trim them while you're sleeping or something, don't worry because within about 24 hours they should be as sharp as razors again). Dig your nails into the bottom of his mouth. He may fight it, or try to pull away, so you have to really dig those nails in hard. Once you have a good grip & his mouth is wide open, use the other hand to place the food in his mouth.

3. Press the food down hard. Use your nails again to be sure the food is in his mouth & on his tongue securely.

4. Check to be sure the food is in there. Make sure he holds it out on his tongue for your inspection.


Kathleen said...

Good job Cooper!

Anonymous said...

That baby is soooo cute! How can he possibly hurt anyone?