Saturday, August 23, 2008

Justin's home!

Thank God! I'm so exhausted so I'll have to post more about our day later, but I'll include this one picture. Zak & Caycee didn't come to the Allstate Arena with us to pick up Justin (too overwhelming for them), so when we got home Justin waited until we were all inside to surprise Zak & Caycee. Zak's expression kind of shows how we all felt.


Karen said... great! What a wonderful homecoming!!! BTW...GREAT shot, Sarah! Love that you can see him in the mirror.....and Zak's face is priceless....hope to see more pics soon!

Becca said...

I checked your blog about 1000 times yesterday hoping you'd put up some picutres. Worth the wait! I am so happy for you all. Congrats on a truly wonderful homecoming. Can't wait to see more pictures. Please tell Justin, "Welcome home!".