Thursday, August 7, 2008

New blog & homecoming

Well, the Geek Squad was here and is gone and my computer is still not working. Crap! We have to find out start up cd or order a new one because our hard drive was wiped out. So I'm still using this old computer - it's only about a step up from a pencil & paper. Everything else decided to go on the fritz at the same time too, of course. Last week I had repairmen here to fix the phone and our dryer (dryer is now working, the phone is not), and then the computer guy this week. I also had to get a new cell phone so I'm still working on reprogramming that; as of right now all my phone book is missing so hopefully John can find it. Ugh.
So it finally happened - my friend Becca finally caved and started her own blog.
I'm almost afraid to post about this here (because I might jinx it), but my brother Justin is due back from Iraq very soon. The tentative date is in a few weeks, so keep your fingers crossed. I think I've dealt with the deployment pretty well (I can't imagine what's it's been like for my sister-in-law Dayna and my parents!), and definitely better than John thought I would. I was a disaster before Justin left and even that was an improvement over how I reacted in after September 11, 2001 when Justin first started talking about enlisting; I actually had a plan to hit him in the knee with a bat if he was going to be deployed then (I know, I know, no one that knew Justin & I when we were kids is surprised by this, but I actually was thinking about doing it to help him) so it's probably a good thing he held off several years and gave me some time to calm down. Anyway, I cried a ton before he left, but I've been pretty okay most of the time he's been gone. I deal with stress through either complete denial or absolute obsession; I chose denial for this so I just have been trying not to think about it any more than I had to. Now that it's getting close to his return date I'm a mess - crying every time I think about it. I just can't wait for him to be back with his wife and kids, and be able to spend time with the family, and get to know Cooper. He left for training in California before Cooper was born and he met him over Christmas when he was home for a week or so, but that's it.
Alright, I'm babbling. I'm not even sure if it's coherent, so I'm just gonna hit publish and head to bed.


Karen said...

There's some cool breastfeeding pics on this site...also funny cookies. must get your computer working again..........I need a Cooper fix!!!!

Anonymous said...

What type of computer do you have/need the startup disc for? Maybe Kyle or my friend John has one laying around.

And I will continue to keep Justin in my prayers - even though, the bat idea would have been a good option before