Saturday, December 6, 2008


Well, I've been negligent in my blogging; it's been a while since I've posted. I'm hoping everyone had a great Thanksgiving - I know we did. We had John's family (Granny Smith, Fred, Anna and Pat), as well as Pat's father & brother. It was a great time, although I screwed up the turkey. I decided to cook the turkey from frozen (you can do it, I swear - the FDA says it's okay). I followed the directions I found online, & even added some time to it, but it took 2 hours longer than I planned. We had to push back dinner & then serve everything but the turkey (luckily Granny Smith made ham!). The turkey was ready to serve just as everyone was finishing their meal. Oh well. At least I know for next time. Despite the problems with the bird, we had a great time.
Then on Friday it was off to my parents' house. Adam joined us Friday night, then Justin, Dayna, & the kids on Saturday morning. We had our second Thanksgiving feast Saturday (with a turkey & everything!) & the whole family hung out until Sunday.
Since Grandma & Grandpa didn't get to see the kids on Halloween, we brought their costumes. Here they are dressed up, or as Zak would say, "being Halloween":

The "adults" seemed to have a pretty good time too, looking like fools playing the Wii:

My favorite time of the day, especially with all the kids together, is bath time. I have no idea what they're all looking at here, but it must be pretty interesting.

Sunday morning everyone relaxed on the couch. Cooper hopped up on Adam's lap (okay, Adam probably helped him up), then Zak joined, & then Caycee.

... and chaos ensued.

Of course, no holiday celebration is complete until someone's wearing a lampshade, or, in our case, Caycee's wearing a basket on her head.

Can't wait 'til Christmas!

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