Sunday, February 22, 2009

Cooper gets creative

Cooper's been making up a new game every night. The picture below is "give mommy all the stuffed animals to hold & then start piling other stuff on there too".

The most interesting by far was the "barn door" game. Here's how you play: detach the barn door from your Little People barn. Then take a cardboard cylinder from your wooden block set. Take both to the far wall in the dining room & spin the barn door in the cylinder. Take the barn door with both hands & walk into the living room where mommy is sitting. Holding the barn door with both hands, gently touch it to mommy's throat. Remove it, walk back into the dining room & repeat. About 30 times. Be sure to be very, very focused & serious while playing.
I don't think there was ever a time I would have paid more to know what was going on in that big head of his.
I'm also happy to announce that Cooper survived his first real experience of being babysat (thanks Mom!). He's been watched before, but only for a couple hours. Last night John & I went out to dinner & then a movie (Coraline in 3D - it was awesome & you should all see it; I love that there are a bunch of 3D movies coming out now). Grandma reports that he was very good & not fussy about us being gone, even at bedtime (his first time being put to bed by someone other than me or John). Good job Coop! Grandma thinks he's ready for an overnighter. Hmmm... I'll have to think about that. :)


Anonymous said...

Isn't their concentration amazing? Repeating an action over and over. I'm so glad you have been a position to be with Cooper thru all his discoveries. Even tho John can't be there as much as he would probably like he has an ace reporter to document your childs discoveries. A vote of confidence for Cooper having an overnight with grandma and grandpa. Love, Aunt Pat

Anonymous said...

So it has come to this, you folks won't give Cooper "tasty food" (ie. junk food) so he will prepare his own.

Oh yeah! Good ol' Craigs List, I can spend hours there.