Thursday, February 5, 2009

New haircut, new adventure, new job

Cooper's hair has been getting longer & wispier by the minute & we've had several people assume he was a girl, so when his agent called us about a casting call I figured I should bite the bullet & get him a real haircut. It's not his first haircut, but I really didn't let the girl cut anything the first time, so this was the first real one. It looks like a boy haircut instead of just trimmed baby hair (insert mommy sobs here).

The casting call was for Carter's and there were at least a hundred billion kids there. Okay, it was probably only about 30 while we were there, but it sure seemed like more. And they had 4 outfits (two for girls, two for boys) that we all had to take turns with to meet the client so it was a bit chaotic. We were there for about an hour and a half before Cooper got his turn; we put on the outfit, went onto the set, the photographer clicked the camera 3 times & we were out of there. There was no smiling or posing; Cooper just stood there like a deer in headlights (not that I blame him - I felt like that too).
We got the call later that night & Cooper got the job so we were back early the next morning. He loves all the attention, but I think sometimes he gets a little freaked out by all the lights & stuff & doesn't really understand why he can't just sit with me the whole time. There were multiple kids in the same outfits so I'm not sure that Cooper will appear, but I was told the pictures should be in a circular in March.


Col said...

He is growing toofast, but he still is a cutie. Congrats on the job. Lisa told me Alyssa's career may be coming to an end.

Pasifik said...

he is cute...and nice picture.

happy blogging,

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