Saturday, February 7, 2009

Purple people eater & a pretty dress

I probably shouldn't post this yet 'cause these are gifts for Becca's daughter Madeline's birthday party which is today, but I'm counting on Becca being too busy preparing for the party to check my blog - fingers crossed.
Madeline was fortunate to be born a few weeks after Althea, & she's going to benefit from a few more weeks of my sewing experience. I made this reversible dress for her from a tutorial I found here.

I also made a purple people eater hooded towel. I think it was a great idea (inspired by several I saw online), but the execution was not so great. It may actually eat Madeline since it wound up being big on me. Oh, well. It'll get her dry at least.


Karen said...

Very good work! You're doing a great job with your sewing. Love the flower fabric for the dress.

the ben show said...

I am so impressed.

Col said...

You are amazing!! So talented. I can walk and chew gum!!

Shannon said...

I love it all! Great job, maybe I'll buy the Purple People Eater off of you, I'm jealous of Jack's Puppy Towel!