Friday, October 10, 2008

Brookfield Zoo

Cooper & I went to the zoo yesterday with my friend Becca and her daughters, Samantha & Madeline. We had some fabulous warm, sunny weather, & it was a free day & we didn't even know it! I love it when that happens.

Cooper & Madeline

Cooper peaking out of his stroller.

Becca & Madeline watching Samantha play.

"Hmm... this tastes better than that chicken Mom's always trying to make me eat."

I think Cooper was watching a goose in the distance; shortly after the picture he took off after it, pointing & yelling, of course. It's lucky the goose didn't notice him because I was laughing too hard to catch him at first.

Pictured counter-clockwise from right to left: some little girl we don't know, Samantha, Cooper, Cooper's plumber butt.


Kathleen said...

That second to the last picture (Cooper in the red thing looking at the Goose) is so arty - I love it.... good to see Becca and the girls.... looks like Cooper has new shoes.

thebenshow said...

the plumber butt is priceless. This morning Ryan snapped a picture of Ben playing with his Mickey Mouse Club House while wearing nothing but a cowboy hat.