Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Cooper's birthday, Part II: Cake!

Cooper hasn't really ever had sugar, at least not in any great amount; maybe a little here & there in flavored crackers or something, but that's about it, so I was expecting him to tear into his cake. He was not so sure about it. After all, Mom & Dad were offering it to him & he's pretty sure everything we feed him is poison. (That stuff on the ground, though, all covered in dog hair & old & unrecognizable - that's the good stuff!)

Hey, if he's not gonna eat it...

Finished! Finished! Finished!
Cooper knows sign language for "finished" & he was signing it
frantically to escape the cake (& Mom & Dad trying to force it on him!)

After about ten minutes, when Mom & Dad lost interest, Cooper thought maybe he'd taste a little... just a crumb...

Hmm... that's pretty good...

Wow! That's really good!

So big! And loving cake!

Wow, all that cake made me really thirsty!

Yah for cake!

Hmm... I think I'm kinda full now...

And getting a little tired.


the ben show said...

GOO! That pic is awesome.

Anonymous said...

What fun!!