Friday, October 10, 2008

Caycee's birthday party

Justin and Dayna had a party at their house this weekend to celebrate Caycee's first birthday (which was this summer while Justin was in Iraq) & their new house. They let me make Caycee's cake, which was fun - I like baking & it's neat to make girly stuff every once in a while so I made a butterfly cake. I used a triple chocolate cake recipe which sounded really good, but I think it may have been a little dry & dense; I probably won't be using that recipe again. I was really happy with how it looked though:

Caycee really liked the cookies.

Zak seemed to enjoy the cake...

Zak, Caycee, & Cooper were all wearing their Bears outfits & the Bears won! John insists Cooper has to wear THIS Bears shirt every time they play - I can't even buy a larger one when he outgrows this one. Maybe we'll just replace it with a larger size without Daddy noticing! :)

Zak "helped" us get these pictures by "hugging" Cooper & Caycee...

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