Friday, July 10, 2009

My very odd son... in pictures

Over the past several weeks, we've spent time with my parents, gone to the aqua park, gone to a 4th of July picnic with John's family, gone to playdates, & met John's cousin Gina's new baby, and I don't have pictures of anyof it. I either didn't have my camera, or had it & just never took pictures. Bad mommy!

Luckily, I remember to bring, and take out, my camera to get shots of this classic outfit Cooper wore to the Morton Arboretum when we met with my friend Joslyn & her daughter Althea.

In Cooper's defense, his mother dresses him funny. In Cooper's mom's defense, the short overalls didn't look too small until we were already out, the jacket is too small, but was the only one we had with a hood & it was raining, the sandals are Cooper's favorites, and he insisted on wear the glasses. And wore them for most of the day. We got lots of compliments on them.


John said...

Its like the kid is doing an Elton John impersonation.

Karen said...

When my sisters were dressed funny, we called them Gravel Gurdy (mostly it was Mary). The boys are called Gravel Gus (and they were usually dressed funny AND very dirty). I don't was something my mom said.....