Thursday, July 9, 2009

The mailman must love me

I got two more swap packages! Goodies for me!
First was the "Once You Pop" swap.. yep, it's the Pringles jingle. The idea is you decorate a Pringles can & fill it. It's not easy to craft things small enough to fit in a Pringles can! This is what I received:

A watermelon Pringles can

And tons of goodies! A popcicle wristlet, keychain, & pin, an ice cream pouch (perfect for holding money, for ice cream, of course), a little jewelry box, some lip gloss, gummi lifesavers, 3 headbands, *eight* anklets, and an adorable monster pouch. So cute! I love it all! :)

This package is from the "100 Facts About Me" swap (you write a list of 100 facts about you & the other person uses those to craft items for you). I forgot to take a picture of it all together, but here it is:

A book for writing my favorite quotes in (I love orange, Gerber daisies, & quotes)

A nursing bracelet for me to help keep track of the new baby's feedings

Dr. Seuss book labels for Cooper's books

A "veggie tales" set.. to be used to decorate fruit or veggies when picnicking or playing with Cooper

Of course, I have stuff that I sent for both of these swaps too, but I can't show you yet since they have not yet been received.

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