Thursday, July 30, 2009

Visiting day

I dropped Cooper off with his Granny Smith today for a couple hours. She got a package in the mail today - this quilt from my mom. If you follow my mom's blog, you've seen it before, and if not you can get the whole story here. Beautiful, isn't it? Cooper seemed to love it - he hopped right on the couch.

And while Cooper was playing with Granny Smith, I went to the hospital to visit Dayna & the new baby. Zak & Caycee were not pleased to see Cooper was not with me, but they eventually forgave me. Luckily, they had their new sister to pay attention to.

Look how chubby Lynzee is!


Karen said...

That baby is soooo sweet and u mom is an awesome quilter.

Col said...

What a beautiful baby!!