Thursday, August 13, 2009

Catching up, craftwise

Sorry, if you're friends with me on Facebook you're probably sick of seeing this stuff, but here's some stuff I've made recently:

Little taggie blanket

Superhero cape

Tie shirts

Awesome patchwork pants. Cooper & I love these.

A Lost (the tv show) pouch. Get it? It's supposed to look like a beach and it has a plane keychain.

I've also received some really great crafted items recently from swaps on Craftster:

A crayon roll with a coloring book - the person who made it actually drew some really cool pictures for Cooper to color in

Burp cloths & a changing pad for the new baby

A hat for Cooper (I have a bit of a hat obsession - you can never have too many!)

A hat for the new baby

Onesies for the baby & a scrapbook for the boys


Kathleen said...

That dinosaur on the taggie blanket it soooo cute.

Shannon said...

I need me one of those tees with the ties. Too stinkin' cute!