Thursday, August 13, 2009

Etsy news

I've actually been making a couple sales from my Etsy shop, which is very exciting. Also, I was finally able to book a spot in the children's showcase for August 11. It was exciting 'cause I got lots of views to my shop & items, but my internet was down for two days so I didn't get to view much. I wanted to stock up the shop before then so I've been doing LOTS of sewing, and trying to make some new stuff.

Lots & lotsa burp cloths

Burp cloth set

Baby leg warmers

More baby leg warmers

A superhero hooded towel

Back of the superhero hooded towel

Alien hooded towel

Cooper modeling his alien towel

Princess hooded towel

Back of the princess hooded towel (modeled by some random toddler... don't worry, I'm sure it's not a boy)

My labels!

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Karen said...

...thanks for allthe pics and updates!