Sunday, August 16, 2009

Ryanne's Wedding: Guest posted by John

So last night I attended the most wonderfully exhausting event of my life. Congratulations on your wedding again, Ryanne. I am now fairly certain that I am not ready for two children because Cooper's performance has taken all of my energy for the week. He demonstrated some serious moves, though, both on and off the dance floor. I want you to know that he does not know the girl who appears in the following video. He has never met her before, and had not been dancing with her earlier in the evening.

Now, I would like to take credit for what you have just seen, but many of the people who supposedly visit this site have met me (who once made several friends literally wait 2 hours in a restaurant parking lot while I chatted up a girl... and then I forgot to get her phone number. Josh was right to punch me that day.) More videos from the evening will follow.


Kathleen said...

Too cute!!!! Good job on capturing the action, John!

Karen said...

thanks for the laughs!

laugheveryday said...

love love love the video!

Col said...

That boy has the moves!! Ford Model to Dancing with the Stars!!