Monday, September 1, 2008

Busy week - lots of work for everyone

We have been very busy around here!
Last week John started training for a second job as a Kaplan LSAT preparation class instructor. He's going to be teaching 3 nights a week for the next month, meaning he'll have less time with Cooper & me unfortunately. As you can imagine, it makes my nights a little more hectic too, without having John around to help out or play with Cooper.
Cooper's been working, too. He had a job (when our computer was down) for V-Tech toys, a hammer pad truck & a music box, that are due out in Spring of 2009. Then last week he had a job for the One Step Ahead catalog. He took pictures with the Phil & Ted's Traveler, Educare Sensory Balls, & the KidCo Elongate. When the agent called us about the booking, they wanted a picture of me & Cooper together because they needed a mom & baby, but later that day she told me they changed their minds & decided to use a dad instead. That was fine with me; I feel much more comfortable taking pictures than being in them. When we went to the booking, they had a model there to be Cooper's mom! Yikes. She was probably a size 0 & there was no way she could have actually have given birth to anything, but whatever! It was fun, & Cooper did a really good job. The only difficulty we had was for the sensory balls they wanted him to lay down for a massage with the ball (from the model mom), but before we could get him near the floor he was on his knees & crawling away. They did finally get some good pictures though.
So keep your eyes open & maybe you'll be seeing Cooper (with a stange mom!) in print soon.

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