Monday, September 22, 2008


My mom discovered this wonderful blog, Booblog, & sent me the link.
From there I was led to a wonderful letter to boobs! I love it:

Dear boobs:

I feel like I should take this chance to tell you that I appreciate all you’ve done for me in terms of feeding my children. When I’m not pregnant or nursing…let’s face it…you kinda suck. You are droopy and too small for my taste. I had to have b-cup padding inserted into my wedding dress because I didn’t want to get married with A-Cup boobs! How sad is that?

But when I’m pregnant? You grow to a size I can be proud of! You give me CLEAVAGE! Which I love sooooo much. Of course, with the cleavage come the boobsweat. But I’ve learned to live with that. Having cleavage is just that awesome. And when the babies come? You provide nourishment as well as can be expected. We’ve had our problems because you don’t like to work too hard. But that has it’s perks too as you don’t leak! Yay for non-leaking boobs!

Anyway. I feel this may be our last run together as I’m not sure if anymore children are in our future. In four weeks you will start producing milk for what will probably be my last child and I just wanted to boost your ego a little before you step up to the plate this last time. You’ve both been great and have served your purpose well. I’ll be sad to see you shrink back to the nothings you were before, when the nursing of AndyZ is done. But - I’m thrilled that you’ve performed to the level you have. I could not be more proud of you.

Love, Zoot

You can read the whole blog post here.

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