Monday, September 1, 2008

A few of his favorite things...

Cooper loves anything electronic - this is him trying to grab my camera.

Cooper loves this book. He practically jumped out of my arms when he saw it in the bookstore so I bought it for him. It's the Big Shiny First Words Book. Cooper loves to sit on the book while he looks at it, & often puts things (blocks, plastic bottles, his hands or feet) in the book & closes it. Weirdo.

Cooper loves water bottles, especially when they make that cool crinkling, crunchy noise.

Cooper discovered he can walk while holding on to his hippo toy & now he's obsessed. He goes across the room & into the couch, turns & looks at us until we turn the hippo around & walks across the room into the table. If he's feeling really crafty & independent, he gets on his hands & knees & pushes it backwards across the room, gets behind it, & walks again.

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Kathleen said...

He looks so old in the hippo picture!