Wednesday, September 24, 2008

My week - a work in progress

Another busy week. But then again, I guess they all are.
Cooper's had a lot of work lately. Last week he had a job for the Personal Creations catalog. He modeled their red long john pajamas with "Jack's First Christmas" embroidered on the butt. The picture is for the cover of the Christmas catalog, which is due to mail out in late October. It's exciting, but they also used another model, so they may choose one of those pictures, and in most of the pictures you can only see him from behind. This week he had another job for One Step Ahead, this time for a travel seat thing. As you might have noticed, I added a list on the right of jobs Cooper's done so keep your eyes open & let me know if you see him anywhere.
John's working hard at two jobs. I feel terrible that he has to do that, but he insists he wants me home with Cooper (and I agree). Hopefully it won't have to be this way for too long; I know John misses Cooper when he's working.
Last week my brother Justin, along with Dayna, Zak, & Caycee, moved into their new house. It's huge & beautiful & so exciting for them. The very coolest thing about the house - the laundry room is upstairs! I love it (& I know Dayna does too)! Zak & Caycee have their own specially decorated rooms (even a big boy bed for Zak!) & they love running around & having their toys spread out EVERYWHERE. We visited with them this weekend & I brought my camera, but of course I only took pictures of the kids & not the house.

Cooper's experimenting with feeding himself more. It mostly winds up with him getting an oatmeal facial, generally followed by an oatmeal bath.

He's also walking constantly now, and climbing everything, so he's keeping me pretty busy. And when he's napping, I'm generally working on planning his first birthday party. I can't believe he's almost a year already!

Oh yeah, and I've been sick this week. Yuck. I had a fever Sunday & continued to feel crappy Monday & Tuesday. I think I'm finally over it now. Luckily, Cooper shows no signs of catching it.


Becca said...

I cannot believe how fast the time flies! Sounds to me like it's time for another baby...

thebenshow said...

He's growing fast!

Sarah said...

Yeah, yeah, tell that to my body. Breastfeeding's really slowing down the second baby plans. I'm not complaining though - I'm going to miss all my alone time with Cooper when another one comes along.