Thursday, January 1, 2009

"Sew" excited!

Yeah, sorry about the pun.
I finished my first project on my new sewing machine!
Before Christmas I had a $20 "mending machine" I bought at Wal-Mart five years ago. Yep, they couldn't even pretend it was a sewing machine. Obviously, my Christmas craft projects did were pretty slow going on that thing. I'm sure it didn't help that I'm a complete idiot when it comes to working a sewing machine so that probably didn't help, but I'm going to just pretend it was all because of the machine. I only managed to complete everything because my mom & John's mom were nice enough to lend me their machines (thanks again!).
When my mom saw how pitiful my machine was she rushed out to buy me a real sewing machine for Christmas (at least that's what I imagine must have happened).
Cooper loves the new machine. He keeps pulling the chair out & whining when we don't sit him up on it.

I found fire engine material before Christmas & I thought Zak would love it, so I decided to make some bean bags for him. Because I'm pretty slow (I'm not talking speed wise, although I'm slow that way too) and I was without a real sewing machine, I decided to put this project off for later. But now I was able to do it so I just need to find a bucket or something to make a bean bag toss game & these will be ready for Zak. I hope he likes them.

Now the hard part is deciding on my next project; I have tons I want to do. I'm thinking maybe some applique shirts for Cooper or a sock monster. There's just too much to choose from.

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Karen said...

I'm sew happy you like your sewing machine!!!!