Saturday, January 24, 2009

Highlights from our week...

Cooper had his 15-month doctor's appointment this week. After much reading and research, I decided to go ahead and do the MMR as one shot. Cooper got the chicken pox vaccine too. I'm completely (and I know, probably irrationally) freaked out about the shots, but from what I read it seemed like the best thing to do.

After his height, weight, & head were measured, the doctor said he's thin! I guess he is, especially now that he's walking, running, & flailing constantly, but I just couldn't believe it! I'm so used to him being a roly-poly little guy. He used to be in the 90th percentile for height & weight, but he's now in the 50th for height & 35th for weight. Someone even referred to him as a "tiny little thing" recently. Crazy.

Flashback - Cooper at 3 months

My skinny boy

If you're wondering why Cooper's naked in the kitchen playing with wipes it's because he had a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad (& leaky) diaper. It was so bad I didn't even try to use the changing table - just laid down one of the soft dog beds, covered it with a towel, & changed him right there in the kitchen. Then I let him run around naked & play with wipes just to keep him busy while I cleaned up the mess. Yuk. (Perfect posing for hiding the naughty bits, huh? Remember, he is a professional.)

It may be time for another haircut soon too; four strangers have referred to Cooper as "her" or "she" in the past week. He's been wearing red shirts when it happened - nothing girly. What's up with that?!

Today we had my friend Joslyn's daughter Althea's first birthday party. I made this outfit for Althea:

Cooper & the birthday girl really seemed to have a great time...

Joslyn & Althea

Althea very delicately enjoying her birthday cake

I swear, he usually doesn't wear a bow in his hair.

Happy birthday Althea!


Sandra said...

He looks like a healthy little boy. You know my daughter has always been thin and tiny, even now that she's about to turn 10, she's still the shortest in the classroom :)

the ben show said...

Holy Craft Project! You are talented... can you make me one of those blue numbers?