Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Things that make you go hmm..

When you're having a baby you wonder what he'll look like or be like, and there are certain things that you just assume, or that you don't even assume because it never crosses your mind. You just expect that he'll be like you and his father.
But then sometimes you start to notice certain things & it makes you start to wonder. At first you think it's a fluke, then maybe it's just a phase. But you begin to think that maybe he's not like you.
John and I sometimes watch Cooper and share a look. One of us says, "Do you think he's... I mean, is it to young to tell if he's..."
It's not that there's anything wrong with it, it's just that it's different. People that are different can have a difficult time in the world. There's an assumption that everyone is one way and a lot of things are geared toward those people.
There was a time when he'd be forced to try to be like most people; maybe even be punished for being different. Thankfully, things aren't like that anymore. And there is some family history - a few people on John's side of the family and a few on my side, so it's not outside the realm of possibility and at least he'd know people like himself.
We may have to make a few accommodations. Maybe it'll be a little awkward sometimes when we're out at dinner - some elbow jabs here and there. But probably we won't even notice it; it'll be so much a part of him, just like everything else, that we won't even think about it.
He's young; maybe he's just experimenting. Nothing's set in stone, but the more time that goes by and the more things I notice him doing, the more I realize that it's time to recognize that it's a very real possibility that this will not pass & that this is who my son is. So I'm trying to learn about people like him, and find out what I can do to make his life a little easier, a little less complicated, just so I'm ready.
So here I am, saying it to the world - I think my son might be left-handed.


Karen said...

...if it weren't so cold out, I'd drive to your house and smack you on the side of your head!!!!!!!!!!!!!!HARD!

Anonymous said...

Make me laugh...When I was young (yes, I was) I wrote with both hands. I don't know if I was ambidextrous because when I started school they weaned left-handed writers because "the school desks were easier if you wrote right-handed", the elbow/arm rest was made for right handed people (and so was everything else). I continued to play sports and play with toys left handed; when I first started strumming a guitar and/or playing the violin, I picked them up left-handed. My violin teacher worked with me to play "right-handed", I self-taught myself guitar "right handed. So, I am both but primarily right handed... Left Coast Lady

Sandra said...

Thank you for delurking over at my blog, I'm so glad you did :)

Your little one is adorable :)

Col said...

You are a riot. At first I thought hmmm. Then I thought too obvious. Ending up thinking you are funny!!