Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Zak & Caycee's birthday bash

The giant Zak-turns-3-and-Caycee-turns-2-and-Justin-turns-30(-but-don't-tell-Justin-'cause-it's-a-surprise-for-him) bash was this past weekend. We ate a ton of food & cake, baked in the hot sun, & watched the kids open (or attack) presents.

Caycee was MIA when it came time for cake. Dayna found her in the pool... in her dress.

I hope these aren't breakable...

And another entry (see the first here and here) for the "most ridiculous present for children ever" - a two-seater Power Wheels fire engine.

And since I know you're wondering.. yes, it does have a siren and it shoots water. And it goes very, very fast.

Justin making sure the kids make it back to the house (Zak wanted to drive around the neighborhood).

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Anonymous said...

I won't even let Althea ride on the silly Winnie the Pooh ride on toy (self propelled) that she got because I am overly terrified of her rolling into the street!