Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Back to the doctor..

..but this time was just a well visit. We had Cooper's 9 month appointment (I can't believe he's 9 months already!) on Monday. The appointment went well; at 6 months Cooper was in the 95th percentile for height & weight & his big head was off the charts, but now he's about 75th for weight & head & his height is about 50th. He's doing everything he's supposed to do, & the doctor thinks he'll be walking soon - YIKES! She also confirmed that he's getting his 9th tooth! I mentioned to the doctor that I'm reading about immunizations & trying to decide what to do, but that I think I'd like to delay some. She was completely fine with that & said I could even separate some of the combined shots (like MMR) if I want.
This new pediatrician is so much better than the old one. The old office claimed to be breastfeeding friendly, but when Cooper had the stomach flu & was throwing up they told me to stop breastfeeding & just give him Pedialyte; they said "dairy" was to hard to digest & he needed only clear liquids until his stomach was better. Of course, I ignored them & Cooper was better the next day. They also kept telling me to let Cooper cry at night, turn off the monitor & sleep in the furthest bedroom from him until he learned how to sleep through the night. I'm so glad we switched. But (I should have expected this!), I think the new pediatrician is pregnant! She wasn't showing enough that I could say something, but I kept sneaking looks at her belly & I'm pretty sure she is so hopefully the other pediatricians at the new office are as good as she is.
We also had a La Leche League meeting Monday. I love La Leche League; all the moms are so supportive & I feel much more comfortable with their parenting ideas than most other parents I meet. We had lunch with John at work too, since the doctor is near the courthouse. I love surprising Cooper with a visit with dad in the middle of the day. He gets so excited.
Yesterday we went to a playgroup with a bunch of moms & babies from our nursing group. The group (not La Leche League, a different nursing group) is run by a hospital & it's only meant for moms & babies under a year. When your kid turns one you "graduate" (get kicked out!). I think it's because the group is very large and the conference room they have it in is crowded, and they don't want siblings there so I think it's just to keep it from being totally chaotic (although they are usually 20-30 moms with babies from newborn to a year so that's pretty chaotic already), but I think it's pretty crappy. It think it sends a message that breastfeeding should stop at one & it's just stupid that you're in this group with all these people you've gotten to know so well & then you're banished! Anyway, we kind of started a tradition of the mom/baby "graduating" having a birthday playdate when they turn one so we went to one for the two kids turning one this week. Cooper was actually the second youngest baby there (I think one was 7 months); the oldest was about 15 months. We had lots of fun & we were both exhausted by the time it was over.

I had to include this picture too.. it's at home playing with dad. The picture isn't great (I think I was twisting my arm around & randomly pressing the button to get it), but the expression is awesome.

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Kathleen said...

I think he kinda likes his Dad just a little bit!