Thursday, July 17, 2008

Props to dad & a surprise for mama

I took Cooper to Babies R Us today for a car seat safety check. Only 9 1/2 months after I wanted to have it done! Anyway, the check went really well; the seat was installed perfectly. The brand we have is apparently the only convertible seat with a tether & the guy checking the seat said he's never seen one tethered correctly until ours. He gave "props" to John for doing such a good job of installing it!
Tonight John & I were playing with Cooper & he said "mama"! It was actually "mamamamama" or something like that, but close enough! He's been saying "dada" for weeks so it was great to finally hear mama. I know he has no idea what it means, he's just babbling, but it's still wonderful to hear.


Karen said...

...props to John and Cooper!

Kathleen said...

what is "props"? (i feel so old and not with it)

Sarah said...

1. [noun] proper respect, praise, compliments; "I have to give my props to the governor for the way he handled the problem"

The Ben Show said...

Awww, isn't that sweet hearing Mama? Soon, you'll be hearing it constantly.