Monday, July 14, 2008

Up the stairs & back to the doctor (again!)

What a long weekend! Saturday we went to a first birthday party for our friends' Terrence & Jill's son Logan. There were tons of kids there & we had a lot of fun. Then we went to check out our friends' John & Larissa's new condo. It's gorgeous! I'm so jealous - I can't wait to move into our new place, wherever that may be.
John had to work Sunday & we had an open house (no one came, again!). Luckily, John didn't have to work as long as he thought so there was time for some quality Daddy-Cooper time. Cooper also went on a bit of a sleep strike - he was up on Sunday from about 7:30am to 9pm with only a half hour nap.
I thought maybe he'd sleep extra long last night (wishful thinking), but he woke up once to nurse, as usual, & then woke up at 5:50am! He did take a nap though, so that's good.
We were back to the doctor today. I swear, I'm not crazy. This is the 3rd doctor's appointment this month - I feel like people must think I have hypochondria by proxy or something (is there such a thing?). Cooper had his last dose of antibiotics (for his ear infection) Friday morning, but Thursday night a nasty rash popped up. I was hoping it would go away, but it got worse over the weekend & by this morning I was sure it was a yeast infection - poor Cooper! It looks so uncomfortable. We got a prescription for Nystatin cream & it should be cleared up in 5 days or so. We also have to get Cooper some nude time to let the rash air out; if anyone has any suggestions on how to do that safely (for Cooper & the carpet & walls!) let me know. Cooper took long naps in the car so hopefully he caught up on some sleep.

Here's some pictures from this weekend:

Daddy is Cooper's favorite playmate

Daddy taught Cooper how to climb stairs (thanks Daddy!)

I made it to the top!

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