Monday, July 28, 2008

Brookfield Zoo & an accident

Sunday we spent the morning at Brookfield Zoo with Granny Smith & Fred. John & I were there with Cooper about 6 weeks ago & Cooper was interested in the giraffes, whales & sea lions, & birds, but that was about it. He didn't really seem to notice anything else. This time was totally different - he was fascinated by everything! He even seemed to notice the animals that were far away. Very cool. The day was turning out perfect until we were leaving the primate house (the last exhibit we planned to visit) & I was carrying Cooper on my hip. Somehow I tripped on the edge of the sidewalk & down we went. I fell to my knees & Cooper landed on the sidewalk on his back & hit his head. Needless to say, we were both hysterical. We were able to get ice on Cooper's head right away, & when we got him into the air conditioning & I was able to nurse him he calmed down a lot & he took a nap. I felt/feel horrible, but we got him checked out at the first aid station & he was fine; he doesn't even have a bump or mark on his head so I'm thankful for that!
John's sister Anna & her boyfriend Pat came over for dinner & played with Cooper. He was as happy as can be.


Too interested in the animals to look at the camera

John, Cooper, & Granny Smith

Cooper took this!

Pat, Cooper, & Anna

Anna & Cooper playing with his toes


The Ben Show said...

I'm sorry about your fall! One of my best friends did a similar thing, except when they fell, she fell on his arm and broke it, he got a gash on his head and she broke her wrist trying to keep from falling on him, so these really unfortunate things happen. Her personal lesson - if I remember correctly - was that she was never wearing flip flops again... I'm glad you guys are O.K.

Anonymous said...

Yikes- I'm glad both of you are okay. It is so scary when accidents happen. I wonder why they happen. So we appreciate what we have? To teach us a new lesson? hmmm. Col