Thursday, July 3, 2008

My poor sick baby...

Tuesday night/Wednesday morning Cooper's fever got even worse. It was up to 103 & that was an hour after we gave him Tylenol. After a midnight bath, a midnight run to the pharmacy for Motrin, & some nursing, the fever was down & he fell fast asleep.
Yesterday he was miserable! I felt so bad for him. As soon as the medicine started to wear off, the fever (& probably pain in his ears) would return. He refused any solid food & reminded me off when he was a newborn - nurse, nap, poop, cry, repeat.
Today's a little better - a little bit of playing in between everything else & a little less crying, but a diaper rash. Poor baby.

Not feeling very good

Starting to get his energy back - looks like he's up to trouble!




I love babies and your baby is a God present...beijos do Brasil!

Anonymous said...

I hope Cooper is feeling better. It is so hard for everyone when the baby is sick. You feel so helpless. It's lucky to have such a great Mama and Dad!