Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Cooper's hideout

Cooper woke up at 1am on Tuesday with a fever of 102. We called the on-call nurse & gave him some Tylenol & it came down. The Tylenol worked wonders - he was in a great mood all day.
Grandma (my mom) came to visit & Cooper had lots of fun with her eating lunch and playing. He showed off new tricks (like sitting under the dining room chair & moving his wrist in interesting ways) & got lots of kisses.
After that we were off to the doctor. We recently switched to John's insurance & had to change doctors. Because we're planning to move near his job, I wanted our new doctors out there so we wouldn't have to switch again when we moved. I just feel better with Cooper having the same doctor for as long as possible. Anyway, that meant we had to trek all the way out to St. Charles to see the doctor. It was only a 20 minute appointment, but it probably took at least 3 hours. Cooper got a good nap on the way there & the way back, which was probably just what he needed, so that worked out well. I like the new doctor too. She lets me hold him & gets down to his level to check him out instead of making him sit or lay on the examining table. She said he's fine, just a cold & thankfully no ear infection!
Cooper was feeling good after the doctor & his naps & he found a new hideout for himself.

This morning Cooper's doing great. His energy is back (yikes!), he has no fever, & his nose is only running a little bit.


The Ben Show said...

Ben had a fever over 103 yesterday and he is now diagnosed with Strep - our first time with that. I don't know about you, but every time he gets a fever, my anxiety is at a 10 until I get it down... Glad Cooper was fine!

Sarah said...

So sorry to hear Ben's sick. I hope he gets better soon!