Thursday, June 19, 2008

Shedd Aquarium = Cooper's first modeling job!

Cooper & I went to the Shedd Aquarium with some of our nursing group. Cooper loves watching the fish & everything, but it was so crowded so we only stayed a few hours.
After we got home I got a call from Cooper's agent at Ford Modeling & he has his first modeling job tomorrow! It's for Radio Flyer. We had to go out & buy shoes for him today because he doesn't have any & they want him to have shoes. They asked if he could sit up on his own & I said yes; I didn't mention that he'll probably stand up in their wagon & try to do a swan dive out of it!
So I just realized something weird. Cooper was offered the modeling contract when I took my cousin Alyssa to a casting call at the agency. I picked Alyssa up from the Shedd Aquarium & took her to Ford & Cooper got his contract. Today we go to the Shedd & Cooper gets his first modeling job. (It's not like I go there regularly - I've only been there once before.) Coincidence? I don't know; maybe I'll have to consider getting a membership there!

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Karen said...! Take lots of pics of Cooper's first job! Can't wait to see them!