Sunday, June 22, 2008

Sleeping baby + helpful husband = rested mama

Cooper slept! He woke up once shortly after going to bed & John got him back to sleep pretty quickly. Coop woke up to nurse at about 2 & fell right back to sleep (that's when I was on the computer - I justify a couple minutes on the computer late at night by telling myself I'm just killing time while I drink a large glass of water because I need to keep myself hydrated). He woke up at 6am & John got up with him & fed him breakfast so I got to sleep until 8am when he was ready to nurse again. Then we got a 45 minute nap. He woke up happy again, but John & I couldn't resist peaking in on him & he caught us. He also learned where the light switch is (my fault) & discovered he can almost reach it when he's standing in his crib. I'm sure that will be a problem in the middle of the night sometime soon.

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